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A digital agency that turns complex projects into simple experiences.

Working with passion everyday on digital services that contribute to a better way of life – for our clients and their clients. Clear, Simple & Effective. In a world where there are infinite information triggers, we help you to clear the noise and make sure you will deliver a clear and concise message that is heard. We believe that complex ideas do not need to be experienced as such…

We deliver brand identities, strategies and application that are simple to understand and easy to use. Our services really make a difference in selling your story.

Industries: Tech

We live in a data-driven world: everything and everyone generates data points. A true gold mine if you know which questions to ask and which data to link in the puzzle for relevant answers. We at E-heroes are not just your creative agency but we are also your data scientists. We like to enrich data from one source with data from other sources to give you the right information for maximum results.

Industries: Finance

Nothing is so important as complete and accurate data when it comes to finance. We can proudly say that we have a big track record of connecting complex financial data sources into a single and easy to use client interface. Whether it’s realtime stock data, financial news streams or historical data, we got you covered.

Industries: Retail

Ease of use is the major determining factor in the highly competitive world of online retail; For each thinkable product, customers have a tremendous range of suppliers to pick from. So a flawless working webshop is the key to not lose customers and drive more sales. To be able to play a part in online retail at all, SEO is an important feature. Technical optimisation plays a major role in this. In addition, you want a distinctive look for the right shopping experience, so that visitors stay and return.

Industries: Food

Food packaging specialists, food experience chefs, a specialised cookbooks webshop, a webshop for wine enthusiasts and the creators of creative taste sensations in almost every grocery store. This is just a small grab of our client activities that operate in all facets of the food industry. And for them we come up with custom solutions, from online platforms to concept and design of physical stands on the shop floor.

Industries: Entertainment

The artist and his fan, a dynamic duo! Artists wants more fans and fans want more of the artist. It’s not only the music that they are into, but it’s everything. Their social media, merchandise, streams, likes, events and the lifestyle. We are specialized in the online presence of national and international artists. We worked with lots of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s. With our knowledge on data-mining and connecting artists with fans we can optimize the fan-artist relationship and their marketing.

Industries: Human Capital

Think of education & recruitment: specific industries which are based on their intensive use of technology and/or (awesome) people. These industries not only require knowledge as input but are also dependant on knowledge and technology to generate revenue.

Industries: Realestate

Although the real estate world is fundamentally a highly technical sector with hard measurable values ​​such as time, money and square meters, emotion plays an important role. Ambiance makes a concrete construction an inspiring workplace or turns a mere volume into a home. We like making hard values ​​editable, having them calculated and generated, and thus creating new data for automating processes. We love to accompany this data with the story that lets people see the possibilities.

Industries: Medical

Although the medical world is one of the most important sectors for human well-being, for many it is the environment that people like to avoid. That is why it is important, if one is nevertheless assigned to the medical sector, that the contact is as simple and useful as possible. Clear navigation is important here. A personal touch, because it is often about emotionally charged issues, is desirable.

Industries: Nonprofit

We all try to do our bit to create a better world. Recycling, donations, supporting charities or working with government organizations. What all these organizations and movements benefit from is “awareness”. Storytelling, infotainment and serious gaming can emphasize the necessity of participation and ensure that the message is conveyed by a large audience. With the right approach and the right tools we remove any barriers to create a better world.

Human Capital
Work: RoutIT view all

Branding, designing and developing for more than 15 years and help the company grow from 5 to 150 employees


Work: Tellus view all

For Tellus we developed a complete new brand strategy, a new name, corporate identity and created a video that really made clear why their product stands out from the rest.


Work: Ilpra view all

In consultation with Ilpra Benelux we have developed a media campaign which, just like Ilpra itself, is distinctive in the packaging industry. Where the expressions in the industry are often only large show shiny machines, Ilpra focuses on the solutions they offer. Don’t be scared of the difficulties you might see, make them your challenge.


Work: EPWA Training view all

With EPWA training we want to make you better at recognizing facial expressions that may indicate pain. In addition, we want to use artificial intelligence to work on the automated recognition of facial expressions in horses and donkeys.

EPWA Training

Work: Whitewood view all

Whitewood came to us  to help them match their online identity and strategy with their new corporate identity. We defined an exciting and solid content strategy that matches with the expectations of every stakeholder.


Work: Jarige Job view all

We helped the Jarige Job Foundation with professionalising their brand identity, first we set up a good brand guide and we created all needed assets for all types of communication. Of course we gave them a completely new website as well.

Jarige Job

Work: Gert Snel view all

Gert Snel came to us with the question if we could help them with their online strategy. We jumped in while they were working on their new identity. Timing was perfect.

Gert Snel

Work: De Aandeelhouder view all

Develop a website that counts over 150.000 news articles, columns, company information and realtime stocks and serve it blazing fast

De Aandeelhouder

Work: Miss Tara view all

Miss Tara came to us with the request to design and develop her new website. A basic website where her fans could find all the latest videos, track releases and even a small webshop with her merchandise.

Miss Tara

Work: Rotterdam Rave view all

Rotterdam Rave came to us to professionalise their brand with a new logo and a website that matched the brand and her ravers. On the homepage we added a nice technique that craftily animates the photos.

Rotterdam Rave

Work: Guus Meeuwis view all

Universal Music & Guus Meeuwis contacted E-heroes to help them to get more attention for his new song ‘Kus van mij’ (kiss from me) that was about to be launched. Together we came up with the idea to send kisses out online to the ones you love.

Guus Meeuwis

Work: House of skills view all

After a pitch the City of Amsterdam chose us to develop the new website for the great initiative House of Skills. Together with the City of Amsterdam we set up a solid content strategy and translated this into a clear flowchart and the roadmap for development.

House of skills

Work: Keendelivery view all

Keendelivery asked us how they could sent out seasons greetings, but not like everybody else. We came up with the idea for a game that would be fun to play but also helped with their overall branding.


Work: Foodtube view all

With over 1100 Dutch spoken videos, FoodTube is the no.1 gastronomic video site where top chefs, wine connoisseurs and other professional bon vivants share their secrets and knowledge.


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