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Many, especially more complex, projects require specialized knowledge of techniques and strategic insight. Because techniques are constantly evolving, it is impossible for project managers to have all this knowledge available. And that’s alright; that is exactly why you hire a reputable company to realize your project. That company will work according to your briefing and requirements package and will implement this in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

However, to determine what should be included in the briefing, certainly in the case of tendering, you can sometimes use some guidance: Which things should definitely come in, taking into account possible double costs in the future. Which techniques are most accessible and which are cost effective. In addition, it is conceivable that obtained quotes differ greatly in price, on first glance without real difference in description. Are the set goals attainable within budget and planning realistic? Even if we are not the executive developer or designer, we can offer advice, consultancy, second opinion and project management. For example when a project does not go as planned… or in advance to prevent problems during the process.

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