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We live in a data-driven world: everything and everyone generates data points. A true gold mine if you know which questions to ask and which data to link in the puzzle for relevant answers. We at E-heroes are not just your creative agency but we are also your data scientists. We like to enrich data from one source with data from other sources to give you the right information for maximum results.

We like to prove the prevailing misconception wrong that data is boring. By using clear interfaces, intuitive navigation, design and illustrative images, we give data the right context and the user the desire to read.

What we can do for tech

We help a lot of tech companies by redefining their brand story, we help them to better sell their product and services. This we do by creating the right brand identity, setup a clear product strategy and deliver highly understandable product and company animations.

Because of our in-depth knowledge of specialised data constructs, we understand your business and know how to tell your story and turn complex information into understandable words.

Work: Tellus view all

For Tellus we developed a complete new brand strategy, a new name, corporate identity and created a video that really made clear why their product stands out from the rest.


Work: RoutIT view all

Branding, designing and developing for more than 15 years and help the company grow from 5 to 150 employees


Work: De Aandeelhouder view all

Develop a website that counts over 150.000 news articles, columns, company information and realtime stocks and serve it blazing fast

De Aandeelhouder

Work: ProBeleggen view all

We setup their brand identity and we designed and developed the website and the mobile App. Users can subscribe to the website for a monthly or yearly fee which gives them full access to all the Pros on the platform.


Work: Keendelivery view all

Keendelivery asked us how they could sent out seasons greetings, but not like everybody else. We came up with the idea for a game that would be fun to play but also helped with their overall branding.


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