First we love to sit down and discuss your project. We like to know all the ins and outs and really get to know your story. What’s the history and what is your vision for the future, what are the goals that are set and what have you already done to set your path. We like to discuss budget expectations up front to ensure that goals and expectations match.

What follows is our proposal: our defined goals, expectations and the magic of our creative and development team. Whether its a full new site or implementation of a new feature, our projects are always well-defined, complete with time estimates. This way, you always have the assurance ahead of time that budget and timeframe will be met.
Want changes made? Does reading it on paper trigger new ideas and open new possibilities? No problem. Nothing is set in stone until you say so.

Ready, Steady, Design

Your story is unique and needs to be told well. First impressions are everything which is why design is an important start for each project. We have in-house designers who work closely with our developers, ensuring that what you see is what we can make.

Design doesn’t end with a graphic representation of how something will look. We take pride in implementing interaction in our designs: visual appeal meets working functionality. Before we code, you already know how it will work.



Here we go

Once the concept and design is finalized, we are on our way. Agile is our method; focus is our goal; the briefing and design is our itinerary. We work in sprints of two weeks. We start each sprint with a kick-off with you, our project manager and a dedicated team. Together we decide what the focus of the sprint is, define user stories and which elements should test positive at the end of the sprint.

Is there more to do than can be included in the sprint? No worries, each project has a backlog. Jot your ideas down, place them in the backlog for safe keeping and they’re ready for the next sprint. Or the one after that. Or the one after that.

Say hello to your new best friend

While our team of developers is sprinting towards the finish line, our project managers are your new best friends. They will guide you step-by-step through the magic of our developers code. Weekly contact moments ensure that everyone is on track and heading in the same direction.

Want to be a fly on our office wall? Start your day by glancing at the planned tasks which our developers will tackle and end the day by reviewing new digital additions. This is all made possible by the project management software we use in each and every project.

There you are

Our sprints end with a demo wherein we present the work we’ve done, the progress made and functions implemented. Our team of developers can answer any and all project related questions. Has the project achieved MVP status? Let’s go live!

But wait… there’s more
We consider your website to be a dynamically living object. And like all else living, it should be cared for and looked after so that it can grow and thrive. We offer hosting and support services for all our projects, and don’t stop there. We build for the future. Lean and mean is always an option, though we prefer clean and neat so that your project is ready for the future and any new ideas and technological possibilities that may bring.

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Work: EPWA Training view all

With EPWA training we want to make you better at recognizing facial expressions that may indicate pain. In addition, we want to use artificial intelligence to work on the automated recognition of facial expressions in horses and donkeys.

EPWA Training

Work: Tellus view all

For Tellus we developed a complete new brand strategy, a new name, corporate identity and created a video that really made clear why their product stands out from the rest.


Work: House of skills view all

After a pitch the City of Amsterdam chose us to develop the new website for the great initiative House of Skills. Together with the City of Amsterdam we set up a solid content strategy and translated this into a clear flowchart and the roadmap for development.

House of skills

Work: De Aandeelhouder view all

Develop a website that counts over 150.000 news articles, columns, company information and realtime stocks and serve it blazing fast

De Aandeelhouder

Work: Foodtube view all

With over 1100 Dutch spoken videos, FoodTube is the no.1 gastronomic video site where top chefs, wine connoisseurs and other professional bon vivants share their secrets and knowledge.