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Rethinking, not just rebranding

Tellus is an American company specialized in connecting alarm centers and communication between emergency services. Emergency services in the United States, their main market, are often organized by state or county. The patented Tellus solution provides robust CAD-to-CAD integration and data mediation providing notifications, situational awareness, and real-time two-way data sharing.

Tellus is the market leader in CAD-to-CAD integration, with successful deployments with all major CAD systems, and 100’s of US agencies relying on Tellus every day. By joining CAD systems together, dispatchers can quickly identify, deploy, and coordinate resources to respond to emergencies across jurisdictional boundaries.

The American parent company of Tellus, then still Fatpot, contacted E-heroes for their rebranding and repositioning. Due to the reorganization of the activities it was decided to sell the company. Fatpot focused in recent years on the development of new and improved products, so that the house style was always treated as parts and there was no clear brand experience. After a thorough analysis of the products and activities of the company and wishes from the market, we developed a complete new brand strategy, a new name, corporate identity and created a video that really made clear why their product stands out from the rest.

The company was acquired by CentralSquare within short time after the rebranding.

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