De Grote Hamersma

Harold Hamersma, founder of De Grote Hamersma, is an award winning curator of wines. As a fan and connoisseur of wines, he is the author of many books, most notable for his catalogs on great affordable wines. His ratings are considered indisputable fact.

In earlier days the catalog was published as a book annually. Nowadays the catalog is part of DeGroteHamersma website.

Case description

Maintain, improve and expand Holland's most extensive database driven website on wines curated by Hamersma.


DeGroteHamersma came to us with the request to maintain and improve their website. There was already a website present, but maintenance of the website turned out to be slow and costly with their previous developer.

Developing a new website was not a financially viable option.

With the internet and software development (AI, new iPhones, software updates, European law and regulations) not standing still, there is a constant need for tweeking and improving to keep up to date.

Also, with the organization not standing still and developing new products, new cooperations and finding new ways to communicate, the need for continuous development is dire.


Everybody is happy and not because of the wine. The development continues on a subscription based budget. Our customer knows exactly what the costs will be. Our development team knows exactly when to work on this project. There is full control over priorities and wishes. Working with a list of long term changes, development can be done according to that long term vision.