Rewardify Games was founded by a lifelong game-loving entrepreneur who believed playing should be rewarded. She rounded up a team of top game development superheroes and set out to change the face of casual gaming.

Rewardify wants to change the way you play games, rewarding your love of the game with real world rewards, not just virtual points. It’s time to treat yourself!

Case description

Redesign the corporate ID to match the company image with the aspirations of the organization. The brand image must be attractive to gamers, appealing to the target audience and showcase credibility towards investors.


Rewardify approached us because they wanted to take the next step to grow their business.

The question was if we could design a rebranding of their brand while keeping the name and the cupcake that was part of the logo.

In addition to the rebranding, we suggested also to look at the brand story and translate it into a website that would allow them to better attract new investors, advertisers and sponsors.


The result was a very satisfied client who, as a result of the rebranding, had much more energy and confidence to take the next steps.