FBNR - Corporate ID

Fonds Bijzondere Noden Rotterdam (Fund for Urgent Needs Rotterdam) was founded in 2007 and helps thousands of citizens in Rotterdam that have urgent financial needs. FBNR helps people in financial emergencies with a single gift, when other social and municipality facilities can not provide a timely solution.

FBNR receives its funding through donations from funds, companies, organizations and private individuals. The municipality of Rotterdam covers the costs for business operations, personnel and accommodation.

FBNR is a member of the Association for Urgent Needs Netherlands (SUNN), which represents the interests of 26 regional emergency funds that are active in more than a hundred municipalities.

Case description

Develop a new identity for FBNR that is more visually present and fits current and future needs.


Helping people in need is a serious business. In most cases the situation is dire: the wellbeing of vulnerable people and households with young children are in jeopardy. Creating an identity that touches on the urgency of people in need, as well as portraying a brighter future seems conflicting.

The identity should be appealing to a wide range of potential donors, private individuals as well as big funds, and stand out in a crowded world of charities that all need funding.


The FBNR brandbook. We developed a new identity, consisting of a set of logo constructions, icon set, fonts, patterns, colors, and published this in a digital brandbook.

These identity rules set in the brandbook have been applied to several outings: business cards, stationary, banners, website, media templates.