Lezen123 - Website (part of Icon Eyewear Europe) designs, develops, produces and distributes reading glasses. We supply our glasses to many stores in Europe and this consumer webshop brings our reading glasses to your doorstep.

Since 2010 Lezen123 has been active online with the aim of supplying glasses that are 'in fashion' today and tomorrow, at a competitive price. They continuously screen trends, colors and shapes. From trade fairs in Milan to trend watchers in New York.

Case description

Redevelop a webshop that meets the requirements of superior customer service and makes the handling process more efficient and cost effective.


Lezen123 was an existing webshop when they contacted E-heroes to redevelop the website. The website was in need of serious maintenance and was lacking certain functionalities, which made the handling process labour intensive with much room for errors.

Lezen123 also sells their product range via thirdparty marketplace websites, that use the same handling warehouse but are on a parallel system.

The original development had been intensive. Therefore the redevelopment was on a sharp budget. This required smart thinking and innovative solutions.


Lower personnel cost with an automated workflow. Because of the automation rules we added, less people are needed to achieve even better results and respond times. Life made easier and more cost effective!