Keen Delivery

Keen delivery (Sendy) helps you save time and money when sending packages and handling all your questions. You benefit from competitive rates and spend less time on your shipping process.

By combining many shipments from little to medium webshops, they make bulk shipment arrangements with the major parcel delivery companies to offer competing shipping fees.

With their smart software, offering API’s for all major webshop systems, they connect right into your webshop and automate your shipping process.

Case description

Create an entertaining website to create public focus on Keen during the holidays


During the festive season, many companies send out Christmas cards. To stand out, Keen delivery wanted a message with an experience, not just a digital card.

Being a startup company, the focus needed to be on the company activities: delivering packages without high fees and dodging the hurdles of the regular process.

Keep track of the people who actively participated in the experience for future communications.


A great captivating game that was enjoyed by many. The game is a fun and entertaining way of uplifting the Keen brand.