Every year Stackops puts hundreds of IT people to work. In this way they help talents to conquer a place in the labor market and in this way they help companies innovate. This is absolutely necessary, because only by innovation can companies keep up in the current, rapidly changing market.

Stackops is specialized in the IT labor fields of security, application management, infra and network. They match talents with workplaces, not only by providing excellent IT professionals but also by advising companies how to offer a better and more inspiring workplace.

Case description

Develop a website based on a third party design, that is fully connected to specialized employment agency software.


Stackops works with specialized employment agency software, Carerix. This software keeps track of all operations: new leads, new contracts, job openings, consultants. The website should resource all its data like consultants and job openings, from Carerix.

The static information on the website should be resourced from a stable and easy to use content management system.


A website that portrays the latest job openings in an easy to use website. The Stackops website looks simple, keeping the complexity of data connections with the specialized software completely invisible for the user.