Everyone in the Netherlands uses RoutIT, but not many know the company … and that is by design. RoutIT is a supplier of internet connections and works exclusively with resellers. Before the acquisition by KPN, they served half of the Dutch business market. The success of RoutIT lies in the way they support their resellers / partners with tools to make it easier to sell and administer more products.

Case description

RoutIT has been an E-heroes customer for 20 years and we helped them grow from 5 to 150 employees, to being acquired by the now biggest internet provider in the Netherlands.


With the technical tools, marketing materials and strategies, courses and events, partners are better able to provide services. All these materials and tools have been designed and developed by E-heroes for the first 15 years.

In addition to all graphic expressions, from hundreds of app icons to dozens of complete event garments, from concept to printing support, we have also developed a large number of websites and applications for RoutIT. For example, the CSP reporter app, where the reseller can monitor all malfunctions and is kept up to date about all planned maintenance. Of course the website is also designed and developed by us.


Now that RoutIT is part of KPN, most branding and marketing is done in house. For flexible solutions and out of the box designs they still rely on E-heroes. Still Connecting Together.