Stichting Jarige Job - Teamuitjes

In the Netherlands there are more than 100,000 children who cannot celebrate their birthday because there is simply no money for it. The Jarige Job Foundation helps these children by giving them a ‘birthday box’. This box contains everything needed for a real birthday at home and at their school.

Case description

Online digital planner for organizations and companies to schedule their trip to the “Birthday Factory” to pack birthday boxes.


The Jarige Job foundation delivers far over 100.000 birthday boxes yearly to provide children in financially challenged families with everything they need for a real birthday. The foundation relies on donations and a great team of volunteers to fill these boxes. With a growing number of boxes to fill, the team of volunteers is not enough. Also, to expand affinity with the foundation, a box filling daytrip is offered as a teambuilding event. Many companies and organizations visit the Birthday Factory to help pack boxes. To arrange the logistics and communications of all these visits is a full time job.


The Birthday Factory is nearly fully booked, six months in advance. The application saves the Jarige Job Team an enormous amount of time planning all these visits, so that the team can now focus on other activities to help children celebrate their birthday.