Tellus, formerly known as Fatpot, is a market leader in connecting emergency dispatch systems, mainly operating in the United States of America. The USA consists of over 3000 counties divided over 50 states. Because counties operate on different dispatch systems, and legislature is divided in state and federal law, emergency management can be challenging. Tellus provides the bridge in communication.

Case description

Rethinking, not just rebranding. Create a new identity for a tech company specialized in connecting different emergency dispatch services with the goal to make the company more attractive for the acquisition market.


CI (Communications international) came to us for help with the repositioning of FATPOT Technologies. Their goal was to sell the company.

FATPOT is the leading provider of patented CAD-to-CAD integration solutions for public safety organizations but they had a hard time explaining what made them unique. Beside this they made their product range quite complicated, resulting in sales having a hard time selling their product.

We were ready to help them to make this sale a success.


As a result they were aquired by Central Square, the leading provider of public safety and public administration software in just a few months after the rebranding took place.

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