Coco Mat

Anyone can tell you that a good night's sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and being happy. Coco-Mat makes sure you can do that.

Founded in 1989, Coco-Mat pursued a dream: offer blissful sleep to every person who sleeps on their beds, pillows and mattresses. Coco-Mat products are made with patience and passion from all natural materials with sustainable methods and a significant ethical footprint.

Case description

Create a way of lead generation for a manufacturer of high-end beds, pillows and mattresses. Hint: it’s an app


Coco-mat is a manufacturer of high-end beds and mattresses. They approached us to come up with a way to connect with potential customers and convert them into leads. With the upcoming changes in Europe regarding cookie-less advertising, we wanted to find another way to connect with the right target audience.

So not haphazard advertising, but converting a contact moment into a relationship. But where are we going to find the target group that has the money to be able to buy the bed and if we find them how are we going to make sure to connect them to us for a longer period.


This MVP of the Sleep Experience was launched at the beginning of 2022. In the past months 14 hotels have easily adopted the Sleep Experience and are ecstatic. These hotels together represent over 400 rooms and now connects over 800 unique Sleep Experience users/month. This year with the slow start and the MVP we already have reached over 4.000 unique users in the Netherlands.