Thiswasasheet - Website

Greece has a vibrant tourism sector. With almost 800.000 hotel beds in nearly 10.000 hotels, Greece produces a lot of wasted hotel bed sheets. gives hotel sheets and towels a new life by converting them into uniforms and hotel amenities. By re-using the otherwise wasted materials we give hotels the opportunity to help decrease the negative footprint of the hospitality industry on our planet.

In our collection, we combine sheets and towels with other natural materials such as linen, cotton, and coconut fibre. We give our customers the option to mix and match their personalised items, following the ethos and aesthetics of their company.

Case description

Development of an easy to use website that reflects the esthetics of the Thiswasasheet worker fashion brand, on a budget


Design and develop a website for a developing company that produces a wide range of products out of recycled hotel bed sheets. The brand, thiswasasheet, focuses heavily on the recycling of materials and decreasing the ecological footprint of the Greek hospitality industry. To emphasize this, they use colors from the palette of Greek nature.

Because the b2b sales funnel is based on a personal approach, there is no webshop and potential clients need to leave their contact information to receive the product catalog.

The website should portray a modern image of recycled natural materials.


A beautiful website that resembles the aesthetics of the Thiswasasheet-brand. The website visualizes the product range and custom possibilities with a modern look, emphasizing the use of natural materials.