Reset the World - Book

Reset the World started as a blog in the beginning of the corona crisis. It’s purpose was to let Dutch entrepreneurs tell their story about coping with uncertain times during the pandemic. It became a collection of 150 stories by people ranging from dentist to hotdog seller to shopkeepers, funeral directors and consultants. Each telling their story, written at a different time during the pandemic. This resulted in a beautiful timeline starting in march 2020, showing entrepreneurial resilience and flexibility, but also personal lows and sadness. Above all it became a collection of stories about finding possibilities between impossibilities and reflecting on matters that are and are not important in times of uncertainty.

Case description

How do we cope with this crisis? Let’s ask other entrepreneurs.


What to do in uncertain times, when all perspective for the future, good or bad, is lost? There was a pandemic that was about to change the world and the way people were living and working, but no blueprint for how to change and no vision for what the outcome would be. The only certainty was that things were going to change, the change itself was unknown. Therefore we, together with Reset your brand, started Reset the world. When you don’t have the answers, you ask a lot of different people. This became a blog with 150 stories of entrepreneurs coping differently with the corona crisis. The blog became a book. How do we make a book about this uncomfortable period?


Reset The World Chronicles is a 300 page book that functions as a time capsule of the corona pandemic. Above all it is an inspiring book that shows the resilience and flexibility of entrepreneurs during uncertain times, in a mix of humor and engaging storytelling.