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Love your monsters!

Ilpra is a leading manufacturer of packaging machines and related materials. Born in Italy and now known worldwide. Ilpra Benelux, based in The Netherlands, takes things a little differently. So although almost all Ilpra franchises work from the .com website, the Benelux branch works with its own website.

In consultation with Ilpra Benelux we have developed a media campaign which, just like Ilpra itself, is distinctive in the packaging industry. Where the expressions in the industry are often only large shiny machines, Ilpra focuses on the solutions they offer. Their attitude: Don’t be scared of the difficulties you might see, make them your challenge. Embrace your Monster! E-heroes has also developed a new website as part of the renewed brand strategy. The existing website was outdated and did not offer the options needed to highlight the expertise of the company. Here too, the monsters play a recurring role.

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