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Lower personnel cost with an automated workflow

We built the webshop for Lezen123, good quality reading glasses for an even better price. The big question was how we could automate their complete workflow from sale to shipment.

WooCommerce was the best fit for this, based on budget and possibilities. We integrated Exact Online to make sure we always have up to date stock information but also register any sales from the website into Exact.
Next we integrated PostNL shipment options but we took it one step further by downloading the shipments labels from PostNL and place these onto the WooCommerce packaging slips. These files are automagically printed in their warehouse. This way the order picking can start directly after a sale on the website.

We also connected with Blokker.nl and Bol.com to import all orders from there and of course they are automated the same way.

Because of all automation rules we added less people are needed to achieve even better results and respond times. Life made easier and more cost effective!

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