Heldensap: Heroes Juice

Limited Edition, Unlimited Joy!

Usually we help brands grow their business. By setting up the best brand stories, designing their identity and developing great websites and applications. But now you can drink the finest beer, from us, for you. Heldensap is a limited edition product and is no longer available for sale.

Case description

Our first beer is a New England IPA from the best hops with fresh guava and passionfruit, crafted with our friends from the Kaapse Brouwers.

Kaapse Collab

Kaapse Brouwers are the brewers who introduced craft beer to Rotterdam, and Rotterdam to the world. With their Kaapse recipes they brew non-conformist beers. They choose bold recipes and love to experiment with different flavors to create contemporary craft beers. In their bar Kaapse Kaap (Fenix Food Factory) you can taste their different beers from draft. At Kaapse Maria, a modern buvette, they go for surprising dishes in combination with craft beer. This is how the world gets to know distinctive flavors from their Rotterdam home base. We are very proud that our collaboration turned out that well.


This Beero will make you a Hero with these (temporary) SuperPowers: Double Vision, Extra Loud, Very Flexible, Pain Suppression