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We all try to do our bit to create a better world. Recycling, donations, supporting charities or working with government organizations. What all these organizations and movements benefit from is “awareness”. Storytelling, infotainment and serious gaming can emphasize the necessity of participation and ensure that the message is conveyed by a large audience.

With the right approach and the right tools we remove any barriers to create a better world.

What we can do for nonprofit

Our expertise and experience cover the entire process from concept to development and support. Hereby we gladly help you with both the complete development of a new brand or, for example, only the development of a website based on an existing design.

We are also happy to help you with our knowledge and expertise in the form of consultancy or second opinion for existing and current projects.


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Nonprofits aiming to expand their impact should contact us for digital strategies that amplify their message. We create compelling branding and digital experiences that engage supporters, enhance fundraising efforts, and increase awareness of your cause in a crowded nonprofit landscape.

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